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Zarrex’s backstory.

((Warning it’s a bit long so read if you dare!!))

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Zarrex was named after his father, that was a great and loyal knight to the great Ice Queen, Atannia. But one day, he vanished. His mother, Emnia, was pregnant at the time. When she gave birth to Zarrex, all she could see in him was her husband. So, she named her baby after him.

unlike the other kids, that were tall, squarish and had short straight hair, Zarrex was small, with puffy long hair. His mom had to cut his hair practicly every month. He was bullied often for his hair and height. Being pointed at that he’ll “never become a great knight like his father”, “he’s nothing like his father”, “he’ll never be tall and strong”, “You dont deserve your dad’s name.”. He kept asking to himself;

"Why? Why do they pick on me? Is it because I’m different?"

His mother was a good friend of the Ice Queen, Atannia. Emnia used to be a servant of the queen for many years. But Atannia granted her freedom, for being a great a loyal servant. She came to visit her old friend one day. She had met Zarrex’s brothers before, but never had the chance to meet him. When she first laid eyes on him, she didnt laugh, or point at him. She knew he was suffering. The royal lady kneed infront of him and told him;

“Son, those big bullies do not know who you are, only you do. No one else has the right to say what you are, only you.

Zarrex grew tired of those big boy picking on the smaller boys, he started to protect younger kids from bullies. At the age of 8, he knocked out his first opponent, a 13 year old Bully. The Queen soon heard of this, many nobles insisted in training him to become a knight, mearly because they think that because he’s the son of Zarrex The Knight, he could be better! Atannia refused, she didnt want him to suffer the same fate as his father. A few months after the victory, some knights settled at Zarrex’s village for a few days, resting from traveling. He came up to one, named Jodzu. He had high hopes in him, knewing he could become something greater than Zarrex The Knight. He personally trained Zarrex to fight, tought him that Knights let their hair grow, its a symbol of protectors, warriors! They all have long hair. The little boy wanted to be one as well, so his hair problem was solved now! Although, his mother was still afraid. Maybe he didnt want to become a knight, but just the thought of Warrior frightened her. She wanted what’s best for her boy. But it’s his choice.

A few years had passed since, Zarrex was now 15. He was taller, braver, and stronger than the rest of his brothers! A real Mini-Zarrex The Knight. All of the other kids were afraid of him, knewing that he isnt the Itty Bitty little pipsqueak he was just 7 years ago. But even so, he was still unhappy. People kept comparing him to his father that henever knew. Like as if that’s all he is to them, just another "Zarrex the Knight". It enraged him. He didnt want to be like his unknown father, he wanted to be him, and known as him!  He had an unexpected visit from his friend, Atannia. They hung out together for a full day. It’s been long since they’ve seen eachother. They talked about their problems to eachother, tried to help each other. Zarrex said that he wanted to look different from his father, and she knew what could make them look appart. She added braids! His father hated braids, it made his hair way too curly. But Zarrex is used to curly, he had curly hair all his life. He tried to help back, by lending an ear, since she had no one to talk to, she felt like she could with him. She had big problems, she had to find a mate, to continue her bloodline, but no men were interesting her! They werent her taste. Or they would only marry her for the throne, or kill her! Zarrex responded with a "if only you were eternal." When he mentionned that, she started to think, of a way to live eternally, so she wouldnt have to find a mate.

The years flew by, as Zarrex grew, stronger, braver, and taller. Whenever someone needed a hand, you could count on him!  He carried the heaviest luggages, battled the greatest beasts menacing the village, Was there for someone that needed… someone. Yet His life wasnt always happy; his home once fell under attack by one of the deadliest beasts on his world, the Danzeru. He lost some of his loved ones, His two older brothers, his mother, a few friends. But it gave him the right push to slay the beast. And for the first time in Ernarien History… A Danzeru… was slaughtered by civilian hands. Just a few days after the Danzeru Incident, The Ice Queen herself, on her own without any guards or knights, came to see what happened. She was told that one of her beasts went out of control, and then she saw its dead decapitated body. She couldnt believe it, someone actually killed one of her invincible beasts! She ran around the village, demanding who did. And Zarrex, appeared behind her, saying that he did. She couldn’t hate him though, it was out of control, he just saved an entire village, her people. He was much more stronger than she thought, Love was much more than what she thought. It’s because he cared that he was able to kill it. With people that count on you, that mean to you, you can do anything. He is the living proof.

[[ This part remains a mystery for now. ]]

…And now Zarrex is the Gigantic, strong softie we all know.

(( I write… way.. too…much…sometimes. ))

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